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I know it's been a while, but now that deadlines have subsided a bit ... it's time for a workshop!
I'm thinking Mid-March in the Brooklyn Burb. Who's in?

December Workshop Dates

Wow. Talk about a crazy couple of weeks - anyway ...

Either December 8th or December 15th - will be a duel workshop / holiday party. Please let me know which days you'll be available.

August's Workshop: On The Road!

Heya folks,

As I mentioned previously, this month's workshop will be held on August 18th at 7 pm.

This month, the Brooklyn Comic Writer's Workshop will be on the road, headed towards Wild Pig Comics in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

New Yorkers wishing to attend the workshop will meet in New York's Penn Station at 6 o'clock and take the train down to NJ, where they will be chauffeured to the event!

Why New Jersey you ask?

Well, for one, several of our members are from the Jersey area, and it seemed like it was about time for us to bring the event to them.

Secondly, the folks at Wild Pig Comics are simply amazing!

Thirdly, because it'll be fun!

As always, refreshments will be available!

So, if you'd like to attend, please post in the comment section below, or RSVP at david.gallaher@gmail.com !

July's Workshop / August's Workshop

A write up of July's workshop, with pictures, will be posted soon.

August's workshop has a *tentative* date of August 18th. More details soonish!


If you are a member of this community, and would like you personal/professional website linked to, please drop me a line in the comments sections - and I'll be happy to put it up.

What: The July Workshop and Summer BBQ!
When: Saturday, July 21st from 9 pm to Midnight
Where: VoxPop
Why: Because it's summer time! And it's a private party, baby!
What You Should Bring: Yourselves, Your Appetite, Your Work
What Is Included: All you can eat BBQ, some free beers!
What Is On the Menu:
- Slow cooked and dry-rubbed Chicken
- Lamb
- Ribs
- Rabbit
- Veggies
Yes: There are vegetarian options!
What's On Tap:
- Six Point
- Dogfish Head
- Circus Boy
- Gaffel Kolsch

Cost: Free, though donations are certainly welcomed.

All you gotta do to attend is send an RSVP ASAP to: David.Gallaher@gmail.com

Additional things:
* If there is something in particular you'd like the chef to prepare or special requests, please include them in your RSVP.
* A formal announcement will be made via 'the mailing list'  shortly, with instructions on when you should have your projects in for review.
* Seriously, RVSP!



Workshopper Profile: James Hatton

Fellow workshopper and In His Likeness creator James Hatton was spotlighted at ComicMix.Com - go take a look here!


Next Workshop: July 21st

The Next Comic Writer's Workshop will be held on Saturday, July 21st at 7 pm.

It will be held in Brooklyn. Arrangements are currently being made as to which venue.

As mentioned previously, I am considering renting out bar space for a Writer's Workshop / Private Party / Summer Bar-B-Q.

More details to follow!

Watch this space!

You can RSVP in this thread on via e-mail at david.gallaher@gmail.com with the subject line: July's Workshop RSVP.

Warren on Writing

From Warren Ellis:

People keep asking me for tips on writing comics. I can't handle all these requests and questions individually, because, well, I've got comics to write. But what I can do is give you some scripts to read. These are all in RTF format, readable by any word processor. And if yours somehow can't read them -- well, these are freeware and don't come with a support line. Also, I can't provide you with the script to your favourite comic, whatever that may be. Scripts:

FELL #1 (which can be read along with the actual published issue on the web for free, even)


BCWW Anthology

This is simply just an early morning musing, but in the future (maybe seven or eight months from now), I'd certainly be interested in putting together our works into a Brooklyn Comic Writer's Anthology sampler to sell at conventions. Is there interest in this idea?