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July's Workshop ...

With June's workshop postposed/cancelled, I have been considering renting out bar space for a Writer's Workshop / Private Party / Summer Bar-B-Q. Please let me know which dates work for you in July:

Saturday, July 7th
Saturday, July 14th
Saturday, July 21st

The weekend of July 26th, I will be in San Diego announcing something ...

Leave your preferred time/date in the comments section. Thanks.

June's Workshop Postponed

Heya folks,

Apparently lots of cool things are happening on June 23rd, so this month's workshop will be cancelled. So, whether you are headed to Mocca, the Big Apple ComicCon, or the Mermaid Parade, enjoy yourselves ... and I'll see you next month!

Guest Editors

I am toying with the idea of inviting 'guest editors' to future workshops.

These editors would include professionals who currently edit for publishing houses. This way, you'd get some personal attention from editors in the field as to what sort of projects they are loking for - and how to improve your pitches.

Is this something you'd be interested in?


June's Workshop

The next workshop is tentively scheduled for June 23rd at 7pm.
The location will be announced shortly.


Welcome to the New York Comic Writer's Workshop Community

As we know, sometimes, it is difficult to write in a vacuum, and with so many writers knowing some many editors and fellow writers, it might be nice to share knowledge, tricks of the trade of tips, for projects.

Once a month, fellow writers meet to help you critique your pitches, outlines, or scripts. Here, you can enjoy great food and great company while networking with other writers, editors, and creators.