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What: The July Workshop and Summer BBQ!
When: Saturday, July 21st from 9 pm to Midnight
Where: VoxPop
Why: Because it's summer time! And it's a private party, baby!
What You Should Bring: Yourselves, Your Appetite, Your Work
What Is Included: All you can eat BBQ, some free beers!
What Is On the Menu:
- Slow cooked and dry-rubbed Chicken
- Lamb
- Ribs
- Rabbit
- Veggies
Yes: There are vegetarian options!
What's On Tap:
- Six Point
- Dogfish Head
- Circus Boy
- Gaffel Kolsch

Cost: Free, though donations are certainly welcomed.

All you gotta do to attend is send an RSVP ASAP to: David.Gallaher@gmail.com

Additional things:
* If there is something in particular you'd like the chef to prepare or special requests, please include them in your RSVP.
* A formal announcement will be made via 'the mailing list'  shortly, with instructions on when you should have your projects in for review.
* Seriously, RVSP!